An evening with Rufus.

At my age, life is normally quite predictable. I have a good and loving family with   a house, kids, dogs, mortgage and a green lawn that always needs a trim. I guess, not very different from the mainpart of my readers.

On the  other hand – I am not the type, you easily categorize as a certain personage, as I am quite strong minded, but also very warmhearted and caring for the people I surround myself with in my everyday life. And at the end I tend to reveal my soft sides one way or another.

I love the modesty of a Dane and on the other hand I fancy the people who makes a loud statement and aim for the stars. I seldom get starstruck by any fancy-pansy moviestar with botex-lips and eternal supplies of money from a rich, gorgeous husband as I am quite comfortable with where I ended up on this earth. Sounds a bit corky, but is is a fact! I am a happy Dane.

A few people passes by my “parades” into the “eternal admiration department”, even though I never talked to them face to face. They are allowed to enter because of a harmless crush from my side and a sincere fascination of who they are and what they have accomplished.

Let me reveal my big crush no. 1 and 2 : George Michael and Robbie Williams – both artists with a wonderful charm, songs I absolutely adore and overall great performers. Very different from each other , but still on the very same list. I had the pleasure of getting very close to both of them at numerous occasions, and my heart fell on the floor when George Michael left this world in December. But my crush on him will survive forever. No doubt about that.

Also I am very fascinated by our very own Crown Princess Mary. She does a remarkable job maneuvering in a very different world from what she actually grew up in. I admire her for her professionalism in daily work whilst at the same time raising 4 kids, riding a Christania bike and smiling at people every day, prepared for everything.  I once stood next to her at a fashion fair in Copenhagen and was almost overturned by an eager photographer who would kill for a good shoot. She is very thiny and very beautiful at the same time. – I hate her 🙂 ….. just kidding…..!

Another victim in the “having a big crush on someone very special”  section is the former US Ambassador Rufus Gifford. He has been a very big part of the Danish society since he arrived in 2013 and moved into Rydhave, Copenhagen. He and his partner Stephen took many Danes by storm by inviting them into their life, both in the political life and as private persons. (Let’s not forget the dog Argos by the way. ) This way of portraying an ambassador was quite unique and not done many times before.( If ever?) And I followed from the very beginning.

I enjoyed every series and was so very inspired by their approach to Denmark, Danes and their American “We can do this – Yes we can” mentality. Topped by the Rufus-way of interacting, his great sense of humor and loving smile made this a win-win situation. I loved every moment.

Yesterday was my lucky day. Rufus visited a city near my hometown telling his story from his time in Denmark: “I was the ambassador” …. a wonderful opportunity to meet my crush in real life. A lot of people chose to be part of this arrangement and the evening flew off in the wonderful company of Rufus and his many stories combined with laughs, smiles and a warm and still serious side as well.

At the end of the evening the ultimate opportunity occurred – “Meet and Greet with Rufus on stage”. I ran like a sprinter at the Olympics and stood there ready to rumble. 15 minutes later I was shaking hands with Rufus, having him sign his book and him lining up for a photo with ME!!! With ME!!! Can you believe it? But … it was over before it begun. I left the arrangement in triumph squeezing my book, signed by Rufus. Mission completed. Or?


I am no stalker. I promise. But I’m not done with you yet Mr. Rufus. I have a lot of questions. And lot more stuff I would like to know. A lot more on my mind. We have to meet for a cup of coffee. Your place. My place. You decide. You’re the former Ambassador! XXX

Kære læser, Dette indlæg er på engelsk, og jeg håber, du vil bære over med mig. Men jeg er simpelthen overbevist om at Rufus på et tidspunkt læser dette indlæg og inviterer på dén kop kaffe. Barren er sat højt. YES WE CAN…..!!! Knus Line



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